• Ann Wildmon

The Creative Musings of Margaret Warfield

My journey into the world of creating art began in the early 1980s. My works include the mediums of canvas, paper, wood, fabric, clay, and polymer clay. Initially my subject matter reflected images remi

niscent of my childhood, (i.e., landscapes of hills of Tennessee.) I began with using oil paints and pastels. Over the years, I began to paint women engaged in their daily activities and dancing. I also began to use acrylic paints, enjoying the ease of covering a surface quickly with vibrant, opaque colors.

During this time, I rediscovered my love of cloth and my desire to create flowing fabrics on the bodies of my images was born. 'Feel the Flow', are words that emanate through my mind as I paint. These words help me visualize say how fabric looks and feels as the wind catches it. This sense of movement I feel brings my images to life. My passion for 'fashioning art' caused me to not only explore other avenues of expressing myself but, sculpting the human body out of fabric. clay. and polymer clay.

The world of 3D images is fascinating. Of the three mediums that I use to sculpt, I prefer polymer clay. The color choices are numerous which allows me to mix unusual color combinations in order to instill distinctive characteristics into each figure.. The desire to create art is implanted deeply within me. It is my passion. I believe that art should speak to the viewer's inner most self and cause an emotional reaction

More about Margaret can be found at www.margaretwarfield.net . Better yet, come in to WildArt and see her amazing creations up close. You may find that you cant leave the galley without claiming one as your own.