Laura Mahoney

I painted some with oils in my 30's but really didn't start painting until I retired and found acrylics. I have so enjoyed exploring this new found love, and painting with acrylics led me to inks. With the inks, I have finally found my main squeeze! They are so colorful and blend so beautifully but absolutely have a mind of their own. Lots of fun, but with a challenge! With art I get to express the things I cannot say, and produce some of the kind of art I've always loved, but never imagined being able to create.I love coloe and this is another place the inks suit me so well. My later life journey I'm traveling and I would love sharing part of it with you. I've ridden horses all over Georgia an Tennessee for the past 25 years, and the freedom of soul that gives me I only find again with my art.

If you are purchasing one of the inks, please be aware that inks are subject to fade. Please keep them from direct sunlight. These inks have 2 to 3 coats of UV protection and varnish. These pieces should give you many years of pleasure.