John Conklin

I'm a local glass artist who's lucky to call Covington home since 2018. Being retired and with a glass studio at home, I'm free to create when I feel inspired.

In 2005 a wonderful new medium opened up for me when I followed an intensive glass fusion course in The Netherlands. Over the years since I've further expanded my experience in working with glass to include bead making/torch work and some glass blowing. Today my creative focus is primarily making functional, one of a kind, glass pieces utilizing diverse glass making techniques.

I've always had a passion to create, and throughout my life I always found time to be creative and experience working in different mediums; ceramics, metal/jewelry making, upholstery and costume making and recently stone carving to name a few.

I grew up in a small town in Northern California and in my mid 20's I met my husband Rene, from The Netherlands. Together we share a passion for traveling and we've been very lucky to have lived and worked in The Netherlands, Scotland & Northern Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Hawaii!