Don Troutman

Trout started making things at an early

Age. In high school he would make sandals from Weejuns for friends. He also made belts, wallets and other leather pieces of art. It was when he moved to California and worked in the Greeks Leather shop that he sharpened his skills. Through the next years he opened shops in both Coral Gables, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

When he is not in his shop,Trout has enjoyed making music ever since he sang with his Dad in church. For the last few years Trout has been playing guitar and harmonica for the Statesboro Blues Band in many venues across Georgia.

Trout has always liked making art with nature or doing crazy art with wire, scrap metal, or wood. His beautiful jewelry can be seen at WildArt in Covington. Ask aboutTrout’s driftwood bottle holders and Vampire stakes.