Brenda graduated from the University of North

Carolina Greensboro with a BFA degree. In 

1997, she became one of the first twenty-three

arts educators to receive the prestigious 

National Board Certified Teacher’s Award. 

She worked as a visual arts educator from 

1966 to 2009 and received the Governor’s 

Award for Excellence in Education, 

Time Warner Star Teacher (Gaston

County), and the North Carolina Secondary 

Art Educator of the Year awards.

In 2009 Brenda retired to pursue a full-time 

career as a painter. As an award winning and 

collected regional artist,she exhibits frequently 

in both one man and invitational shows.

Recent projects include: a four artists exhibition--

which includes 15 new works--at the Lincolnton

Cultural Center. She is also actively involved in

the growing arts Uptown where she is an artist 

in residence at Arts on Main Gallery in Studio 

One Hundred and Nine.

In addition, she maintains a second

facility, Rainbow Connection Studio,

which is also located in the uptown 

area in Gastonia NC.

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