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No schedule except the one you make for yourself!
From the moment you step through the door of the Wildart Gallery,
you will EXPERIENCE  the imagination provided by our local artists on our walls that surround you.
Allow your muse to be INSPIRED as you walk through the gallery. 
CREATE a masterpiece of your own to grace the walls of your home as the lasting memory of visiting a destination as uniquely artsy as YOU!
Our Just Paint classes are available by appointment during the following times:
Monday - Thursday       noon - 6:00 pm
Friday & Saturday            10:00 am - 8:00 pm 
Reservations are required. Please call  404-455-1594 to save a spot for you or your group. 
Beer and wine are allowed in amounts governed by our ordinance.    See you soon!


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***All images and works of art are the property of Ann Wildmon, WildArt LLC, and the artists directly affiliated with WildArt, LLC . Artwork once purchased is owned by the purchaser, but cannot be duplicated, copied or otherwise reproduced without express written permission from the artist or the artist's representation, Ann Wildmon. Artworks may be viewed only for the purpose of buyer browsing.
No images from this site may be reproduced, downloaded, edited, copied or linked to, without the express written permission of the artist or the artist's representation, Ann Wildmon with WildArt LLC.

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