Terms / Conditions / Authorizations / Waiver / Signature



- Full payment is due at the time of registration. 

- Payments are completely non-refundable two weeks prior to class/camp start date.



- Parent/Guardian grants permission for the child to participate in camp activities and to be escorted to the Covington Square on lunch excursions. 

- Parent/Guardian understands that accidents and injuires may occur, but every effort will be made to prevent them. 

- The child is to provide their own lunch each day. We will go to the square if weather permitting. 

- The child is required to wear close-toed shoes each day. 

- Parent/Guardian and Child agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by WildArt, LLC  Art Camps, including those relating to enrollment and withdrawal.



By submitting your online camp registration form you agree to digitally initial each item listed below and digitally sign the form found below. *Registration Form* 


___I hereby initial and GIVE my permission to WildArt LLC to use my child's image in promotional materials, such as newspaper articles and our website. If you wish to DENY permission please email the printed form found here *Registration Hard Copy*  to


___In the event that an injury occurs and an emergency contact cannot be reached, and whereby a duly licensed medical professional/physician suggests, recommends, or prescribes medical care to protect the safety or health of the child whose name appears on the registration form, I hereby authorize camp directors and teachers to consent to the administration of such medical care. 


___I further certify that I am the parent/guardian of the child named on the registration form and that I am not, nor have I ever been, adjudicated incompetent in a court of law. 


___I agree to fully waive any and all claims of whatever nature, known or unknown, directly or indirectly, fully and finally, now and forever, for my child/ward, for myself, my estate, my heirs, my administrators, my executors, my assignees. my agents, my successors, any firm or corporation, and for all members of my family, and to idemnify, release, defend, exonerate, discharge and hold harmless WildArt LLC, it's successors and assigns, members, officers, board members, volunteers, employees, agents, and represenstatives thereof, physicians, and any other practicioners of the healing arts (or "indemnified Party) from any demands brought against WildArt LLC orother idemnified parties, arising out of any injuries to my child/ward, or to his property, or losses of any kind, which may result from, or in connection with, his/her participation in any activity related to programs, of any kind, provided by, or sponsored by, WildArt LLC.