Carla Culpepper

Originally from Michigan, Carla has resided in Atlanta for over 20 year and considers herself a “Northern Peach”. Her background spans from interior design specializing in Kitchen and Bath to re-designing the interior mental mindset thru business/life coaching.As a young child, Carla’s mother would always whisk her and her sisters off to any and all art festivals, creating a love and appreciation for hand-made artistry. From childhood to adulthood, the journey remains to seek out unique pure metal jewelry that has a story. Now Carla can tell her own story.Two years ago it all began, when Carla discovered a metalsmithing class in Decatur, GA. Studying under the direction of known artist Wendy Tonsits of Amalgam Art Atlanta, Carla’s latest artistic outlet and passion for perfecting metal fabrication has been non-stop! “Life isn’t perfect and neither is my jewelry”. This statement or tag line is what Carla frequently says to other inspiring artist. For Carla, those words help to release the mental need for perfection….sometimes you just go with the flow and turn an imperfection into perfection! Each of her pieces are a “one of a kind” metal art in jewelry.Carla hopes her jewelry brings you as much joy as it has been for her to create it!