I love art and I have always loved art!  As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing , painting, and gluing everything I could get my hands on, mostly lead by my curiosity.  I had to take a detour from art for quite a few years, and during that time I worked "real jobs."  I walked dogs, cleaned, did dishes, cooked, waited tables in an Italian restaurant, and took care of elderly people in a nursing home. I went to college in Idaho where I mainly learned to play tennis and became an emergency medical technician.  I then became a mom (probably the best job in the world).  Finally, I got my bachelor's degree in counseling and  worked as "second in command" in a huge day care facility.  The last seven years of my counseling career was spent in a homeless shelter in Denmark where I worked with homeless addicts and mentally ill people. In between all of my jobs, I traveled, too.  Finally, in 2007, I could let the paint hit the paper.  I enjoy every minute and feel very privileged.


Take a minute, relax, and enjoy my art.  Maybe it moves you!